Thursday, August 14, 2008

TLR: the Texas Leadership Revolution

Texas will experience a revolution in leadership. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is just the beginning of the revolution.

I said back in May 2007 that Texas was going to experience a renaissance in politics. Instead of referring to this political renaissance as the Texas Leadership Renaissance, as I had planned, I will refer to it as the Texas Leadership Revolution (TLR) in honor of Ron Paul's book, The Revolution: a Manifesto.

The struggle to restore America to greatness and secure our liberties will take generations. Forty years after the civil rights movement was in full swing we have an African American running for President. We will succeed in the long run if we don't lose hope.

America needs better leaders and education is the key. We must educate our children for liberty. The citizens of a free society cannot be ignorant of history and remain free. This is why I have run repeatedly for the Board of Trustees of the Plano ISD: to prepare our children for a life of freedom and prosperity, to empower them to meet the difficult challenges awaiting them in a competitive and troubled world.

Robert Canright

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