Sunday, July 08, 2007

Educating our Children to be Better Leaders

Better leadership will be a by-product of the Winding Spring Process of Education. We have so many bad leaders now that America is in a Leadership Crisis. We do have some examples of good leaders: Army Lt. Col. Paul Yingling and Lynn Turner, and they exhibit Confucian leadership principles. Read more in this blog posting: "Paul Yingling, Lynn Turner, and Confucian Leadership"


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Texas Renaissance, Part 2

I mentioned earlier that we should expect a Texas Renaissance. There is power in education. We need to channel that power into our economy, our political discourse, and into our culture.

We must promote the arts, and we can expect the arts to add vibrancy and profit to Texas. The Dallas Morning News ran an article on April 16, 2007, Centralizing Creative Talent by Karen Brooks. This article described a community, Villa Muse, being constructed in Austin for artists: musicians, filmmakers, producers, and gamers.

Supporters of education talk too much about producing skilled workers. We can set our sights higher. Education will create many opportunities. Improved education will revitalize Texas.

Villa Muse, in Austin, is one example of how Texas can promote the arts and business simultaneously.

When we think about the arts or about business, we must remember that education is he key to our future.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Parental Leadership is Key to Success in Education

I have said in the Timeless Way blog and in the Hispanic Vision blog that fathers must be leaders in the family.

It is important that children know their parents believe in education. Fathers show leadership in the family by being actively involved in their children's education. The No Child Left Behind act of Congress dictates schools provide tutoring for children in academic trouble. Yet many of these children are in academic trouble because they know their parents do not believe in education. A bad attitude in the family towards education will ruin the efforts of tutoring just as that bad attitude put the children in the need for tutoring.

A father who does not lead his children towards success is leading them towards failure.