Sunday, December 24, 2017

Articles About Writing by Canright

Within this blog, Education for the 21st Century, I last wrote about writing in Grammar in the 21st Century (June 24, 2012).  I have been posting my articles about writing in the blog Plano Parents because the parents in Plano, Texas, have strong interest in academics and because there is a greater sense of intimacy when writing to friends and neighbors.

As our lives become increasingly stressful and society becomes increasingly complex, communicating through writing is more important than ever.  In this post I am sharing with you the articles I have written about writing that I have posted in the Plano Parents blog.


Articles about writing from the Plano Parents blog:
More Tips for Writing  June 17, 2017
Helping Your Child with Writing and Grammar  November 20, 2016
Sheridan Baker's Keyhole Diagram for Essays  November 25, 2016
Coaching Writing with Strunk and White  May 21, 2016
Grammar for Your Child  April 3, 2015
The Joy of Letter Writing  September 7, 2015
Skills & Success; Cursive & Math  May 16, 2011